97​,​901​,​726 Confirmed Kills

by Pain Tank

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released March 17, 2017

Recorded live at Trepan Studios, Woodbridge, Va January 28 & 29 2017
Engineered and mixed by Tony Petrocelly
All songs by Pain Tank
All lyrics by Steven Kerchner
Layout and design by Tony Petrocelly

Steven Kerchner - vocals
James Shaw - guitar
Chris Dugay - bass
Tony Petrocelly - drums



all rights reserved


Pain Tank Washington, D.C.

Pain Tank is a mirror to the suffering of this world. We are not shock for shock's sake, and certainly do not seek to glorify our imagery; what we present is the opportunity for pain. Critical thinking is pain. Growth is pain. Our music is relentless and overbearing because humanity is relentless and overbearing. Pain Tank is a means to confront the darkest, most atrocious acts of mankind. ... more

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Track Name: Uniform Shitshow
red eye rations low uniform shit show lifeline finite muscle fatigue long day trench life batteries low infection brains are slowed rotten food hands broke hand out fall out gangrene boot rot amputee uniform shitshow
Track Name: Dollar Sign Suicide
rank pull grenade chain of command ink blot dilate bureaucratic diatribe an unlikely candidate for dollar sign suicide delete button confirmed kills planetary detonate revolutions and people skills steam rolled into landfills bombshells land mines decimate blood lines pinned down profits gained legitimized human pain all skin sticks to all skin dry rub steak milky water stink of rat piss clear the dead of thought one hundred long the final one absolute obsolete
Track Name: The Mouth that Doesn't Open
mouth shut and they'll never know a tear undetected the self amused is reflective mouth shut
Track Name: A Sheep Just Like the Rest
a primate townie a cheapskate unemployed and overpaid a sheep just like the rest pit stains dribble of piss a child never taught to wipe their own ass shit stains skidmark lollipop forgotten kiss lines drawn beverage sipped stench of fear linger low convoy pass overhead bones crushed beverage sipped
Track Name: Tropicamide
tap water burn ulcer flare pupildot crosshair joyride no one cares
Track Name: Starvation Cockhard
stray bullet bulls eye whistleblower goodbye bayonet breakfast genocide like clockwork interference politics starvation cockhard politician doesn't care sits back harm free other lands in poverty statements redacted subordinate welfare guided missile endgame starvation cockhard guided missle endgame starvation cockhard
Track Name: Driving Back the Occupier
hurricane landslide homemade weaponry strike back guerilla police state overcome homeland taken back
Track Name: A Need for Violence
the land does curse the day as the man stifled by his own thirsts of progress and the need for violence expansion of the mind of the self requires the efforts many are not willing to apply
Track Name: The Void and All Its Temptations
this cancer had grown the ulcer had thrived on its own was it that we've failed ourselves living where i've always lived doesn't feel the same doesn't look the same the void and all its temptations tempting lesser men the void it doesn't look the same it doesn't feel the same i don't look the same today we don't feel the same today we don't look the same today we don't feel the same way the void the void the void and all its temptations
Track Name: Decommissioned Oppression State
restless malfunction society in dysfunction boot prints to foundations terrified citizens affidavits notarized orders executive well is dry drive thru dive in rise and shine
Track Name: When Integrity Means Death
dissent in the trench last breath cigarette push forward don't relent protocol given by them absents skinny girl foreign land kamikaze opium lair girl or boy cash in hand a hole's a hole i'll die today harelip deformity malformations violence times of strife pressed hard to make the choice when integrity means death i'll choose to die
Track Name: It Doesn't Know What Else to Do
trumpets for victory sirens for war collateral body counts cost of business culture of division new world orders mandates at the stake conflagrate status quo unchallenged the way things go call for revolution rebuilding humanity lost between ourselves the ripe apple falls it doesn't know what else to do
Track Name: Barcodes and Byproducts
campaign kickstart, cards close, hearts closed, idle palms, your number is up wait in line we're all fucked barcodes and byproducts skin graft hair loss feet removed memory loss destitute reality forgoes morality street sweeps molded bread famine spread life's end caps lock cipher decode, seventies cocaine motherlode forced in penetrate dead man's eye can't be late forced out finance father's lies nationwide romance surveillance mind control pain tank numbed slow soul crush escapade timeline with barber's fade water supplies sanitized chemical lip burn riot gear exploit manchurian candidates heart rate escalates shots fired shots fired casualty count shots fired casualty count collateral damage finance block proxy war dead man's switch mutually assured continental starvation embargo showdown for oil for gold for oil for gold